XML / API travel suppliers - step-by-step website integration

Travitude is the easiest way to connect your website
with your travel suppliers, through XML/API.
This travel booking engine & website platform has already integrated travel suppliers.
Your online selling process will be completely automated and your daily reservations will triple.

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XML / API travel suppliers - step-by-step website integration

If you are thinking to connect your website with travel suppliers like Travelfusion, Hotelbeds, Go Global, Expedia etc., you must take into consideration some important details:

1. Capable website

You need to have a capable website platform, so platforms like Wordpress would be very difficult or impossible to use.

  • With this purpose, we’ve created Travitude website platform - a dedicated website which incorporates a booking engine module with already integrated travel suppliers.

2. Use dedicated platforms

You need to know that it is very expensive to integrate XML/API suppliers by yourself; so, we recommend using dedicated platforms, such as Travitude.

3. API credentials

After you created the necessary “foundation” (travel supplier/s integrated into the website), you need to set up a commercial agreement with them, so they can give you your own API credentials, needed for Travitude or other lookalike website platforms.

  • API credentials are unique and the travel supplier/s use them to identify the travel agency that sends the online reservations.
  • Travitude has established strong relationships with all the important travel suppliers, so we will closely guide you through this process.

4. Payment methods

In order for the reservations to go to travel supplier/s, you also need to have set up the online credit card payment option.

  • Travitude has already integrated local and worldwide payment processors and it will be an easy process.

5. Now you're set-up, up-to-date and ready to sell online!

Want to connect your website with your travel suppliers, through XML/API?

How XML/API travel suppliers integration & Travitude can transform your travel business

Travel software-Automate Tailor-made offers process

Automate Tailor-made offers process

Now you can easily make and sell tailor-made holiday packages. With Travitude you can pack together multiple services (flight tickets, accommodations, transfers, activities) to create unique offers for your customers, directly from the website interface thanks to XML/API supplier connections.

Travel software-Automatic supplier inquiry & confirmation process

Automatic supplier inquiry & confirmation process

Travitude is integrated with the strongest bedbanks & GDS systems, through XML/API connection. By simply making a search in the booking engine you will be able to see all the offers in real time and you will be able to book them directly from your website.
Travel software-Sell even when you’re on holiday

Sell even when you’re on holiday

If you have a Travitude website, on holidays you can lay back and watch the reservations flowing. Your clients can book online and the reservations will go directly to the suppliers you work with. What's better than growing sales while on holiday?!

Travel software-Quote 7 times quicker

Quote 7 times quicker

1. Make a search for the desired period of stay and desired services (hotels, flights, transfers, activities) - 1 min.
2. Pick the offers by adding them to favourites - 2 min.
3. Send the offers by email or download/print the .pdf version - 1 min.
Customers will be able to book the offers straight from their inbox or you can finalize the booking on the spot, for customers who are visiting your agency.
Travel software-API/XML Integrated Suppliers

API/XML Integrated Suppliers

Your Travitude website will be linked by API / XML to the offers of the suppliers you work with. Online reservations will go directly to the suppliers.

Travitude Product Features

Professional Travel Website

  • Works beautifully on all devices
  • Easy to build and manage
  • Over 30 visual elements to build with
  • Real-time booking engines
  • Unlimited scalability for content
  • Encrypted and secure through HTTPS

Online Travel Booking System

  • Hotels, Flights, Transfers and Activities
  • Check rates and availability 24/7
  • Book all services independently or combined
  • Upsell services at checkout
  • All the essential suppliers you need

Accept all online payments

  • Easy implementation of processors
  • Accept both UK and global payments
  • Improve view-to-booking conversion
  • Local and worldwide payment gateways
  • Auto-send bookings to suppliers

Updates your offers, automatically

  • Get all availabilities updated in real-time
  • Descriptions and photos for hotels
  • Update all prices as they come from suppliers
  • Hassle-free website maintenance

Dynamic packaging: combine everything

  • Create a Tailor-made offer in minutes
  • Upsell services (transfers, activities)
  • Available for both agents and consumers
  • Automate operations and save time
  • Issue one invoice with multiple suppliers

Ease your marketing efforts

  • Get qualified leads (abandoned checkouts)
  • Integrate your tracking pixels with ease
  • SEO friendly URLs & structure
  • Easily send bespoke offers to customer’s email
  • Generate new offer pages with a few clicks
  • Integrated social media sharing
  • Easily track sales of affiliates

More than 200 companies like yours achieved success with Travitude

Travitude travel software customer mypal.travel
"Surely the biggest challenge before I had Travitude was the price dynamics and the diversification of the offer. There have been many things changed since we chose Travitude. Travitude has given us the opportunity to diversify the agency's offer by adding new suppliers, updated real-time rates, a modern website... I recommend the Travitude product."
Travitude travel software customer Probooking
"If you want to have offers from as many tour operators as possible, you should stop thinking, because this booking engine also helps your travel agents to deliver the offer to the final customer, to see what tour operators have packages/charter on a specific destination and even compare rates."
Travitude travel software customer Veltravel
"We have been looking for a solution for a presentation website and an online reservation system for some time until we met the Travitude platform. SEO facilities and widgets contributed to the initial choice and we have congratulated ourselves for the decision we made: easy integration with vendors, advanced personalizations and friendly technical support. We have noticed that the features improve over time (new providers, administration interface optimization) and the management of online bookings have become a current activity in the agency."
Travitude travel software customer jona
"The biggest challenge before choosing Travitude was that many options available on the market to integrate the offers of more partners came with very high implementation rates. Travitude was the best quality - Efficiency ratio option we found. A better image of the website, real-time deals from many suppliers. Immediately support. Attractive design. Ease of use and personalization. I made the best choice that corresponded to the requirements of my agency on the market at that time. I recommend with confidence."

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Travitude travel software - experience
We have over 18 years experience solely in the travel software vertical. Over the years, we’ve designed and implemented technology for hundreds of travel agencies. From backoffice systems to booking engines and customer facing B2C websites, we’ve aggregated our combined experience and set out to create the next viable all-in-one easy to use product for small to medium travel agencies. We continuously work with our customers to understand their market as well as business.

Now you can afford a professional travel website

If you need a modern website with online booking capabilities, automatic supplier inquiry & confirmation process and many other helpful features, then Travitude is probably for you.

We have a very simple pricing model. A base fee of £249.99/mo (with one supplier included) for a modern professional website & booking engine. An additional £9.99/mo applies for each extra supplier you choose.

✔ All the features you need with an easy-to-use pricing model.
✔ Choose how many suppliers you need and you have unlimited everything else.
✔ Hassle-free website maintenance and unlimited support
no setup fee, no minimum contract, no risks involved!

Connect your website with your travel suppliers, through XML/API
to automate the selling process and triple your daily reservations

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