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Online Travel Booking System

Our booking engine aggregates, matches and displays any content from any supplier. Search results appear fast, through parallel threading (we query all suppliers at once) and asynchronous loading (we display results as soon as they arrive). You can use a multi-service or an individual search engine widget in any of your website pages.

Updates your offers, automagically

Get 24/7 up-to-date info on all public prices and availabilities. Have all the content for hotels and packages without having an army of content writers. Also offer historic and future prices (search cache with calendars) for flights and hotels. Travitude basically administrates itself.

All the essential suppliers you need

Access a wide range of UK and global suppliers and travel products, including flights (low cost and traditional) and hotels as well as transfers and activities. You just take care of your commercial contract with the supplier and leave the tech integration to us.

Dynamic packaging: combine everything

Mix and match and create any combination of travel products, in minutes. Through dynamic packaging, consumers get more flexibility than predefined packages, while benefiting from the lower prices and ease of booking everything together.

Get started with Travitude

Set-up your own travel agency booking system in minutes. Start receiving bookings from customers, in a few hours.

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