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Who are Booking Protect by Cover Genius and what do they do?

Booking Protect are a global refund protection specialist. They help travel agencies to increase their customer satisfaction whilst also delivering an additional revenue stream. Their refund protection product gives travellers the opportunity to apply for a full refund if certain unforeseen circumstances occur and leave them unable to go on a holiday as planned.
The Booking Protect Product is market leading, both in terms of coverage for consumers and income potential for your clients.

What are the benefits of offering Booking Protect?

  • It’s a quick and easy set up
  • Generates Additional Revenue
  • Takes away the headache of refunds

What are the benefits of Booking Protect for your customer?

  • Customers can book their travel services (flight tickets, accommodation, packages) with confidence, knowing a full refund can be requested if something goes wrong
  • Fast refund turn-around time as all refund requests are reviewed within 48 working hours
  • Booking Protect is global and able to provide exceptional service in all languages and currencies

How does it work?

Step 1 - Travitude client activates the Booking Protect supplier
A contract between the travel agency and Booking Protect is needed in order to receive the acces to the products.
BONUS: There is no extra cost to activate this provider on your Travitude website!

Step 2 - Customer makes a booking and adds refund protection
Customers who purchase travel services through your Travitude website will be given the option to take out refund protection during their online holiday purchasing journey.
The cost and the advantages for adding the refund protection will be displayed in the last step before closing the reservation. The cost of protection varies depending on the total cost of the booking.

Step 3 - Something goes wrong and the customer does not travel
Those that opt for protection will be instantly protected against unforeseen circumstances which include things such as accidents, injury, illness, death, weather disruption, pregnancy and transportation issues.

Step 4 - Customer requests a refund with Booking Protect
The customer can directly submit a refund request to Booking Protect.
All customer refund requests are managed and handled internally by the providers’ support team.

Step 5 - The Booking Protect team process the refund
The in-house team handles the whole process so there are no unnecessary queues or waiting around for your customer.

Step 6 - Approved refunds are paid within 48 hours
The Booking Protect team will review applications and provide a refund within 48 working hours, directly to your customer.
The payment will be done provided that the customer is eligible for a refund and have supplied all the relevant information.

Refund protection is not mandatory, however it is highly recommended by money-saving experts. It must be purchased during the original order, alongside the respective travel service (flight, accommodation, package).

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