Pain relievers for travel agencies

Discover what specific problems a modern travel website platform solves.

This short article is for you if you are a travel agency that is just starting up or one with only a presentation website. Join us for this short exploration and you will discover some of the hidden advantages of having a good online presence.

Do you keep track with the growing number of offers?

If you are like most travel agencies, you know that today's travel options are so numerous that it has become very hard to cover the whole range. One of the best ideas out there is to focus on selected types of destinations or travel products. However, even within a niche, there are still so many offers available that it's impossible to keep track of them and load them onto your website. By the time you loaded some offers, they might become irrelevant because new ones are available.
The best solution to this is investing in a travel software platform that builds your website.

In this way you will gain a lot of time to use on what you do best: finding the best offers for your tourists and selling them. The platform will handle the rest.

Can you sell what your travellers want to buy?

Let's put ourselves in a traveller's shoes for a moment. Their travel opportunities are (in normal times) endless. Traditionally, it was the travel agent who knew the best places to go and could match them with the customer’s budget and preferences. Since the start of the online revolution, big players like Booking and Expedia have developed websites with thousands of offers. After these sites launched, the next step was to try and emulate what travel agents had been doing for years: helping the traveller find the best offer.

If you are starting a travel agency or have only a basic presentation website, the best choice would be to move online by using a platform that can compete with the big guys. The pandemic has accelerated online adoption, but the need for advice remains, and is not really met by today’s big online players. To gain far greater volume than the average travel agency, they have sacrificed the personal touch. This is one of the areas where the traditional travel agency can benefit. By using great online platform technology and combining it with your knowledge, you can generate a strategy to put the best offers in front of wouldbe tourists.

Sell 24/7 without increasing your costs

By investing in online, the number of customers that you can serve will not be limited by the typical 9 to 5 schedule. Travellers can search for offers whenever they wish, and with the right tools they can book online and actually generate less friction for you. We all know those consumers who tie up your time talking to you for two or three hours and then don't buy anything. This is where online will help you. If your website has all the necessary information, travellers can book and pay online. If they still have questions they can contact you by chat / email or phone, but those tourists are much more decided.

Do you think a travel website platform is too expensive?

If you think these platforms require too big an investment, you might want to check our proposal. We have spent many years investing in developing a complex system which you can now access with a small monthly investment, a modest sum compared to the setup and development costs of the whole platform.

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