How to promote your travel agency using Facebook posts (Part 1)

Learn how and when to post on Facebook and what technical methods you can use for that.

There is no secret that Facebook promotion is one of the greatest opportunities for any small or large travel business.

If you did not pay much attention to this promotion channel, it might be the time to do it. Start promoting your travel agency using Facebook posts to increase your sales.

Below are the 3 types of posts that you can use to promote your offers on Facebook:

  1. Normal posts - free
  2. "Boost Post" - paid
  3. Custom ads using the "Ad Center" option - paid

In this article I will talk about the first situation - normal, free posts.

- Normal posts -

1. You have to have a Business Agency Page

For start, you must have a Facebook page dedicated to your travel agency. If you do not already have one, you can easily create it by accessing the "Create" button.

2. How do you post on Facebook?

  1. Types of information

    Statistics show that Facebook users, so your potential customers, interact more with posts that give them value. They will comment and give more likes to a post containing a beautiful picture in Greece or a valuable video and information about that destination; for example, "Here are the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada".

    For this reason, it is NOT recommended to post on the Facebook page ONLY "Best Deals”. By posting interesting things, not just sales offers, your audience will trust you and will start to follow your page constantly to learn as many new and interesting things as possible.

  2. Posting strategy
    • Write at least 2 posts per day (we get to the posting hours immediately)
    • From the two posts, the first one will be informative (eg: Here are the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada) and the second will contain the offer related to the first post (eg: Last Minute Offer in Lefkada)

3. When do you post on Facebook?

The answer to the question "What time should I post on Facebook?" Is "depends." Depends on the times when your audience is online. For some pages, morning posts work better, for others in the evenings.

As a benchmark, we could make a preliminary analysis. We think your audience can be active in the morning on their way to work and while they are drinking their coffee (07:00am - 09:30am), at lunch break (12:00pm-2:00pm) and in the evening, after they leave work (5:00pm - 11:00pm).

So you could test this: Put your informative post at lunch when your audience relaxes during the lunch break and post the offer in the evening when it's more likely to have time to enter your website and make the reservation*.

* If you do not have an updated website, where customers can book at any time, I recommend the platform dedicated to travel agencies - Travitude.

It's important to test and see what suits your page.

4. How do you technically post on Facebook?

There are 3 methods, depending on the website you have for your travel agency.

If you have updated website:

I. Copy the link of the page / offer you want to promote,

then put the link in a new post and wait for the picture and the description of the page to upload itself (after they have been loaded, you can delete the link and write a customized text about the offer).

IMPORTANT: When customers click on this post, they will be redirected to your website where they can make the reservation*.

*If you do not have an updated website, where customers can book at any time, I recommend the platform dedicated to travel agencies - Travitude.

II. You share an offer, directly from the website

This functionality is integrated into the Travitude website, so it will be extremely easy to post your offers on Facebook if you use Travitude. By using this method, customers will be able to book directly on the website, as in the case of the first method.

If you do not have an updated website:

III. Write the offer directly in the post and attach a picture, but without a link to the website

This situation is not recommended, because potential customers will not be able to make the reservation. Your agency will be closed and you will not be able to retrieve requests after 6:00pm.

So much for today. I hope this guide is useful. If so, let’s get to work and test it.

Here you can find the next part of this lesson:
How to promote your travel agency using Facebook paid posts - "Boost Post".

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