How to promote your travel agency using Facebook posts (Part 2)

Learn how to prepare your account for paid posts and how to start a campaign of this kind, technically.

As promised, I came back with Part II of the tutorial "How to Promote Your Offers on Facebook".

I was telling you in the first part of the Guide "How to Promote Your Offers on Facebook", as today, promoting on Facebook is an opportunity to grow the business of any travel agency.

So let's take a recap of Facebook posts:

  1. Normal posts - free, which we previously discussed here
  2. "Boost Post" - paid
  3. Custom ads using the "Ad Center" option - paid

The fastest way your posts can get to the people’s Newsfeed is paid posts.

Facebook has modified the algorithm for "organic (normal)" posts in the past 2 years, so although you may have a lot of Facebook Page followers, your normal (free) posts will not get too easily on their Newsfeed.

The best company’s option for Facebook promotion is paid posts.

“Boost post”

Before we start the promotion, it is advisable to make some settings that help you keep track of posting progress. In other words, you will be able to see "where your money went".

Initial setup:

1. Do not forget that you must have already created a Business Page

Here's how you create one

2. Install your Facebook pixel

What is Facebook Pixel?

It is a code that allows you to monitor the activity of users entering your website.

Important: In the absence of the Facebook pixel installed on your website, you will not be able to run "Retargeting" campaigns (you deliver ads to people who have already entered your website) or "Conversions" (measures the actions of users who entered the website and made an online reservation).

How do you install it?

Click the arrow at the top right of the screen and select Ads Manager.

From the top left menu, select "Pixels".

"Add a new data source".

See the setup instructions, where you will choose the method by which you install the Facebook pixel.

If you use our website, Travitude, you will choose "Send Instructions by Email" and you will send it to our Support Team to set up the pixel on your Travitude website.

3. Fill in your credit card details

From the top left menu, select "Billing" then "Payment settings", where you will enter your credit card details.

The promotion:

Now that we've correctly set up the account, we're going to the actual promotion ad setup process.

4. Write a Post

To get started, you need to make a post on the agency's Facebook Page. Here are 3 ways of posting, which I've detailed in the first part of the Guide "How to promote your travel agency using Facebook posts".

5. “Boost post” settings

After posting on the page, click on the "Boost Post" button.

Choose the Audience (to which type of Facebook users do you want the post to be delivered), Duration (how many days do you want the promoted post to be active), Budget allocated to this promotion, and finally choose the Payment method you previously set up.

Congratulations! You have finished setting up the promoted post and now you only need to hit the “Promote” button.

Important: The Boost Post promotion technique is not one of the best methods of paid posts because it has certain limitations regarding the settings of the post to be promoted. It's faster and easier to set up than her big sister - Personalized ads using the "Ad Center" option.

If you are interested to know the best promotion method - Personalized Ads, using the "Ad center" option, read our next newsletter. For the next week, we will return with a detailed article about Personalized ads using the “Ad Center”.

Until then, you can start configuring your account as explained above and try a "Boost Post".

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